11 Απρίλιος 2014

Hazards Of Swimming Naked – And A Whole Assortment Of Uppers And Downers HD

Hazards Of Swimming Naked are an instrumental group originating from Far North Queensland (Innisfail/Johnstone Shire).
music is a reflection of their surrounding environment and isolated
townships and of the imposition of society on this environment and the
way people interact with it. This sound has drifted over the years from
dense terrorscapes to late night grooves to dreamy, serendipitous
currents and paranoid messes.

While short punchy pop hooks will
always have a place in the hearts and minds of the masses, we believe
there is a place for music which is less immediate. Music which asks
something of the listener…music which may at first confront yet leave a
seed of intrigue in the listener’s mind…or which seduces and
overwhelms the listener, removing them from their immediate environment,
providing a reprieve from the chaotic over-stimulation of the external
and allowing them to focus…kind of like acid really…